Whether you're looking for an employee or need a company to manage your staffing needs, custom staffing can provide a solution. You can choose from several services, including mining, IT, industrial, clerical, and more. The best thing about custom staffing is they can work with you to observe the right people for the job.


ESP Workforce, Putting together the right team is the most decisive part of running a business and the most expensive part. We try to find staff that fits your needs and the needs of your business. We can help whether you want to hire one person or set up a whole team off-site.

Using our staffing solutions, you can save a lot of time on hiring and reduce your overhead costs and liability by a large amount. Use our professionals' knowledge and experience to help you find the right employees for your business. We have a strict hiring process and know that communication skills and professional qualifications are very important for meeting your needs.

We can help you if you need help with business process outsourcing (BPO) for tasks in the back office, customer service, designers, developers, or staff with more specific technical skills.


ES, or Employee Solutions, is a leading Industrial custom staffing firm. The company is headquartered in Arlington, Texas, and has many offices throughout the state. In 2014, they had a record-setting year, averaging more than 400 new hires a day. In 2013, it ranked as the fourth-largest staffing firm in the North Texas area. Their growth continued in 2014 with several new offices, a key manufacturing client, and the Broken Arrow-based Bridge Employment Services acquisition.

The company has eight limited liability companies, which are all wholly owned by ES. The company's main business is manufacturing retail products, but they also have a small staffing business in the industry. They recently entered an agreement with RPG, a Texas-based company that manufactures industrial products. ES was the first company in the state to partner with RPG in this way. In addition to ES's custom staffing services, they also offer a full suite of workforce solutions.

Customers are also impressed with the company's service, as they have given them a four-star rating. They are also impressed with their ability to connect businesses with the best candidates.


Whether you're looking to find your next job or upgrade your current grub and grind, Custom Staffing is here to help. With offices in Evansville, Kentucky, Louisville, and Vincennes, Custom has been around since 1969. Among the company's most notable achievements is the expansion of its coal-mining division in 1998. Custom is now the largest locally owned recruiting firm in the tri-state area.

According to Custom's website, they are hiring 215 surface miners and a cadre of underground operators. In addition, Custom Staffing hosts a weekly job fair in Vincennes every Monday evening. They also have an office in Green River. The company's offerings include a full suite of workforce solutions, including clerical, industrial, and general labor.

As far as mining goes, the best places to look are the mines themselves, but the industry does boast a slew of contractors who provide temporary employees for mines across the country. The federal government has made data on workers in the mining and logging industries available. Workers in the industry put in more hours in the week than employees in other private sector occupational categories. Using contract miners can be a win-win since miners may be able to earn a better wage than they would at a traditional mine. In the short term, contractors provide extra help during peak production. However, their long-term prospects may be less than rosy.

While the above-mentioned is the best way to earn a paycheck, a contractor may need help to address some of the most pressing mining industry concerns, including health and safety. For example, some miners are prone to slipping and falling, a problem that may be mitigated by using contract employees.

ESG ranking

Whether you're a policymaker, an issuer, or an investor, ESG ratings are essential. However, there is little agreement on how ESG ratings are assessed and what should be considered "good" or "bad." The following article summarizes current regulatory initiatives in various jurisdictions and explores ratings used by asset managers.

ESG ratings are based on a wide range of information, including the company's use of resources, commitments to reduce emissions, and respect for fundamental human rights conventions. These factors are measured using formulae, numerical scores, and company feedback.

Large-cap companies, for example, receive higher ESG ratings than small-cap companies because they attract greater media attention. Some technology companies receive high ratings because they generate less greenhouse gases than others.

Large-cap companies are also subject to a higher level of scrutiny. In addition, a company's market cap determines how many controversies it has. If a company's arguments are sufficiently serious, S&P Global may cut the company's ESG score.

While ESG ratings may provide information for companies and investors, there are concerns about the need for more transparency about how ratings are calculated. There is also concern about potential conflicts of interest. Some firms have developed their ESG metrics and processes. The Financial Conduct Authority advocates ESG data based on transparent, systematic, and independent processes.

In response to a European Union financial markets supervisory authority consultation, ESMA needed more transparency around the methods used to assess ESG information. It also found that firms in the 75th percentile of ESG disclosure experienced a 31 percent widening spread between their best and worst ESG scores.

In addition, users have highlighted a need for granularity in ESG data. This can lead to confusion about the reasons behind an ESG rating. Many ESG rating providers use different methodologies to calculate each variable.